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We will help you achieve your ultimate organizational goals. Infinite a leading AV technology provider for nearly four decades, we understand the communication needs of the modern corporate environment. Today’s digital media strategies extend far beyond the standard teleconferencing and video-teleconferencing; with our state-of-the-art of AV hardware solutions, we can empower you with the latest tools necessary to meet all of your communications objectives.


Make learning more genuine with
Infinite AV Systems

Interactions have huge importance in the classroom. Our experts have a deep appreciation for collaborative learning process. From the rural education to the new age system-corporate schools, advanced research institutes to higher universities turning a domain of technology adoption. There is multitude of deliverables for Infinite AV Systems : digital and smart classrooms, E-learning, distinct learning, cloud-based learning, IOT.Infinite moulds the best technology solution with teaching methodlogy to the ease of users.


Please your guests with our
well-thought hospitality AV solutions.

We here create experiential solutions that will surely delight your guests and deliver a lasting impact. Infinite pay attention to detail and are experts at providing your guests with a quality experience that will be remembered for a long time. With a passion for creating state of the art designs, we are committed to giving a whole new meaning to reliability, efficiency and quality. This one domain that has an experimental AV, a wow factor at every step in the hopitality.Smart receptions to the guest in the room technologies with high-tech business centers to sophisticated conference rooms.


Designed keeping your
expansion plans in mind

There is always a piece of technology in every breath one takes.From a signle way way finding and waiting room digital signages to high end diagnosis and clinincal mapping; from integrated operating rooms to surgery simulation, HeathCare is going in technology adoption. It is our aim to deliver state-of-the-art integrated OR solutions which, technologically which will lend themselves to future expansion requirements and create a platform for medical and educational development.


Advanced control sysytem for themed park development and design

Our themed park consultants make sure your attractions deliver the ideal guest experience. Today’s park venues often include a combination of advanced audio, visual and lighting systems. Modern design is more comprehensive than ever. We stay on the leading edge and install sophisticated control and monitoring systems for themed park designs that captivate audiences. We care about your design, both before and after its implemented, which is why we are always here to offer you support. Whether you are looking to revitalize your theme park’s existing AV design or customize your nightclub’s AV design to your unique needs, our experienced team can help from beginning to end.


We create engaging and interactive experiences
that bring digital into physical stores.

Audio Visual technologies are transforming the retail experience, creating engaging, immersive and memorable environments that bring the best of digital into the store and put shoppers in control. It's a transformation in user experience powered by the latest display technologies, clever use of audio,personalised experiences, intelligent and transactional digital signage, but also in technology management, with remote, centralised control and management of retail systems and the introduction of IoT technologies to manage store capacity and people flow, to keep both shoppers and staff safe and well.


It's our ability to help generate a
truly immersive performance venue.

At Infinite technologies, we work with theaters to create AV systems that will impress your audience and give them an event to remember. Our theater consultants have experience working with performance venues of all sizes and will provide you with a custom theater space design. At infinite, our theater consultants work with venues of any size to transform your stage into a world-class performance venue. We are passionate about the performing arts and will help you deliver the best audience experience ever. It is our passion to first listen to your needs and then produce the original designs that uniquely match your venue’s character and requirements.


Adding values to business
via the big picture.

AV Solutions for Mission Critical Rooms are designed to perform and execute as an integrated, multi-force capable of meeting contemporary and emerging security challenges while maintaining the flexibility to address future developments and technologies as they evolve. Infinite is known to the fact of understanding these complex communication requirements and is a long standing integrator of secure world class audio visual systems to Mission Critical / Control Rooms. Infinite is the leader in the AV Industry, mastering new standards for simple & secure communication, audio-visual systems and solutions since inception. Get in touch with our passionate team to fulfill your expectations towards a well-equipped mission critical room.


Experience the best
AV System

To drive enticement, Digital Signage Solutions are most powerful tool helping business owners gain an edge over their competition by attracting new and repeat customers. Our Solutions are cutting-edge engagement tool that creates impactful visitor experiences using specialized video technology designed to withstand the rigors of the environment and exceptionally perform in any digital signage setting.Building on physical experience with growth in web based technologies, Experience Centres are growing segment of the global economy and the perfect place to implement the new information displays. Mixing the technology enabled experiences in physical stores, Malls, showrooms, Airports, stations or any retail with internet or mobile sales components is a trend.


Imagination meets entertainment as
technology transforms Shopping Malls.

Infinite technologies develops solutions for shopping malls that create exciting spaces to attract customers, engage them and encourage them to buy. Creative digital signage that enables a strong storefront, giant video walls to display compelling product and brand messages, branded ‘theaters’ and immersive experiences are transforming the traditional store, helping retailers fight back against their online rivals. Today consumers are looking for an experience when they shop. So, Shopping Malls are searching for new and innovative ways to connect with customers through experiences as well as physical products. Infinite expertise in themed entertainment is helping malls create immersive experiences that showcase their brands and keep customers coming back for more.


Creating an impact on an
audience with our flexible solutions

Screens are present everywhere in modern airports, so having a well-designed audio visual system is important to keep the facility running and share updated flight information. Touchscreen technology for the passenger ticketing and check in. Large format display screens for the passenger information, incoming and outgoing flight and information, advertisement and promotion. We do it all!. You get the best solution for your organization that works seamlessly with every phase of your project.


Solution that also make
communication easy and impactful.

We can determine the needs of Military and assess the best way to meet their audiovisual and video teleconferencing needs. At Infinite, we engineer a solution and present it in a detailed proposal using a “best value” approach where we offer the right balance between quality, ease-of-use, reliability, maintainability and expandability. Sensitive environments need secure communication systems. Infinite provides the latest audiovisual technology to keep crucial information flowing where it needs to, while maintaining the integrity crucial to security of sensitive information.